It has been 50 years since I started creating textile art because I was fascinated by Japanese design. Those works vary in the form of tapestries, uchikake kimono style quilts, and jinbaori samurai armour costumes. Techniques have also become diverse adopting quilts, embroidery, and cloth-cutting. I have visited all over Japan and 25 different countries for exhibitions, fashion shows, and various events, which totals over 100 events as of today. I treasure many memories meeting people from each country and region. I am very pleased to present my past activities and the latest news. Thank you for taking time to visit this site.
Sanae Hattori
  Sanae Hattori Textile Craft Exhibition Report
  Urawa Art Museum - 24th March 2021 to 28th March 2021
   It was a week when COVID miraculously subsided. Many
   people were delighted to see the 9 meter wide "Phoenix" by expressing they were impressed
   to see the beautiful work of art for the first time in a long time, albeit under strict monitoring
   such as temperature checks by Urawa Art Museum staff, the use of hand sanitiser, name
   registration, and admission controls.
   Three newspapers published articles about the exhibition, and some visitors came in with t
   he newspaper in their hands.
   We were unable to take pictures with visitors due to social distancing,



"Phoenix" will be unveiled for the first time in Japan at Urawa Art Museum. The work first premiered at the Sanae Hattori Exhibition in a World Heritage City of Krakow in 2019 to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Poland. The 9 meter wide masterpiece inspired by Hokusai's folding screen painting was highly praised by the Polish people. In addition, about 50 works including Hiroshige and Jakuchu will be exhibited. We hope that you will enjoy the works that express Japan's world-class "Ukiyo-e" with fabric. Sanae Hattori
Postscript: This piece was translated as "Phoenix" in Poland. I would like to exhibit it with a prayer that people will overcome difficulties and "regenerate" from the COVID pandemic.




 In July 2019, the Sanae Hattori Art Exhibition was held
 in a world heritage city of Krakow, Poland

 ■ Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
In July 2019, the Sanae Hattori Art Exhibition was held in a world heritage city of Krakow, Poland, as an event celebrating the 100th year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. The venue was at Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology.The Japanese Emperor and Empress have visited the museum, as an unique museum in the world supported by the Japanese government, where they can exhibit about 6,500 Japanese arts and crafts donated about 100 years ago by Feliks Jasieski - critic, writer and collector of art, whose pen-name was "Manggha".Poland is known as one of the pro-Japanese countries, and many Polish people from various regions gather at this museum to learn about Japanese cultures.During the exhibition, many people attended the workshops to be acquainted with Japanese traditional patterns, and also for the commemorative party.  We were blessed to make wonderful memories by meeting a great museum director and all the Polish people who enjoyed my art commentary sessions.On






 Report of Sanatori Hattori exhibition and work explanation meeting
 (Danish people) "Report 2018    1/24 (Wed) 2018  Kannonji / Tokyo
  Upon request of Danish Ms. Lisbet since a year prior, the quilt displays and artist
  commentary of Sanae Hattori's work were held at the Kanonji Temple in Tokyo
  on Wednesday, 24th January 2018. This opportunity was opend up by Sanae's work (Japan Iris),
  a part of collection of Margrethe II of Denmark, was exhibited at a special exhibition:
  Japan in the Danish Royal House, held in Christian VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg from June to
  September 2017. Margrethe II of Denmark, who was visiting Japan to honor
  the Emperor's Coronation in 1990, met with Sanae Hattori and saw numbers of Sanae's
  works at the Danish Embassy inbetween official royal engagements.
  Japan Iris was gifted to the Queen by Sanae for this special occasion and the Queen tried on
  the vest right then, and it is said the vest was also worn during Queen's Kyoto
  sightseeing a few days later.
  The 10 Danish attendee who came to Japan were greatly excited about this visit, and they had
  dornated a catalogue of the special exhibitions which incluedes the work of Japan Iris and its artist
  introduction. It has been 28 years since Sanae met your Majesty the Queen, and Sanae is deeply
  grateful for the connection of such ties..



2014 Japan Spain Intercommunication 400 Year Anniversary
"Sanae Hattori Spain Exhibition" Exhibition report

■ July 18th 2014 to July 19th 2014
■ Old Royal Palace of Seville in Spain (Guest palace)
  View the Report

Sanae Hattori Textile Crafts Exhibit - a series of Buddha statues on display for the first time, featuring Aizome from the Edo period
Date: Saturday 2nd of April 2011 - Sunday 29th of May 2011
Venue: Okura Museum of Museum (in front of Hotel Okura)

Displaying various works including the series of Buddha statues which is being
unveiled to the public for the first time, along with her uchikake quilts.
We look forward to your visit.

■Sanae Hattori Gallery Talk (Commentary on her work) Schedule
Dates: 5th, 16th, 19th & 30th of April 2011
10th, 21st, 24th of May 2011
Time: Starts at 14:00

■Uchikake Fashion Show

Date: Tuesday 3rd May (Public Holiday)
Time: Starts at 17:30
Admission: 2,000 Yen
       View the Report 

Sanae Hattori Japan Quilt Show at Shanghai International Expo
Date: Tuesday 14th of September 2010

Venue: Japan Expo site
Finished    View the Report
Sanae Hattori Textile Crafts Exhibit
Date: Wednesday 30th of June 2010 - Thursday 8th of July 2010
Venue: Museum of Ehime - South Annex

Finished   View the Report
Sanae Hattori The Great Japan Show
Date: Saturday the 27th of March 2010 and Sunday the 28th
of March 2010 Time: Starts at 20:30 for both Saturday and Sunday
Venue: Teatro Tasso in Sorrento Italy

The world's only Japan quilt show is being held in Italy at last.
A once in a life time opportunity to see a spectacular stage
performance of corp de ballet with Italian men and women wearing
kimono quilts and samurai armours.
Finished   View the Report
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